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Burgers, Nachos, Beer, FOOTBALL.

Get Your Game On at Hooters with Football Fare!

Right now and all season at your local Hooters, we’re featuring new burgers, sandwiches, nachos, dips, and craft beers to help you stay energized for all your favorite football teams this season.

California Burger and Buffalo Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich

California Burger
Stop your California Dreamin’, and bite into this juicy West Coast burger. 100% fresh ground chuck patty on a bed of shredded lettuce, topped with a tomato slice, avocado, and ancho chipotle sauce.

Buffalo Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich
It’s bacon down at the Buffalo Chicken ranch today. Featuring our World Famous Buffalo Chicken topped with crispy Applewood smoked bacon and gooey Pepper Jack cheese. Served with our homemade ranch dressing. Eat one, Cowboy!


Hooters-Style Nachos
Tortilla chips smothered in a whole heap of gooey goodness. Covered in our Original Buffalo Chicken with gooey cheese, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, jalapeños, sour cream, and guacamole.

Buffalo Chicken Dip
Start your Hooters experience off right with a crock of creamy, cheesy, zesty Buffalo Chicken dip, served up with tortilla chips for dippin’. Sorry, there’s no double dipping permitted at Hooters.

Football, Craft Beers, and Fine Wines.

Craft Beers & Fine Wines for Maximum Fan Power
We’re stocking some of the latest craft beers for full flavor satisfaction during all the big pro and college football games. Not a beer drinker? Try one of our fine white or red wines.

Ice Cream Drumstick

Ice Cream Drumstick
Bring out the kid in you with a classic vanilla drumstick. Drizzled with tasty chocolate syrup and topped with a dollop of whipped cream.







Hooters, Jon Gruden and FFCA Team Up

A Leto High student proudly holds up the $5,000 donation check as Jon Gruden and others cheer.

Hooters, Jon Gruden, and FFCA team up to support Tampa Bay area high school football teams

We are proud to announce Jon Gruden and his foundation, FFCA, have teamed up with Hooters of Tampa Bay to donate $5,000 to three local high school football teams, Gibbs High in Pinellas, Leto High in Hillsborough, and Gulf High in Pasco. FFCA was founded to give back to struggling football programs and keep the game of football going strong. Hooters is honored to be a part of these life changing donations to young men and local high schools in our communities and beyond.

High school football team Jon Gruden

The team takes a break from football to devour some Hooters wings.

Jon Gruden signs autographs

Jon Gruden signs autographs for every student that asks for one.

Jon Gruden and the FFCA

Fired Football Coaches Association (FFCA) started by Jon Gruden in 2008 in Tampa, Fla. They have hosted coaches from every level of coaching, some who aren’t coaches at all, but love football. They have sold FFCA-licensed products to raise money for local high schools to help cover the costs associated with their football programs, and help keep the game strong. For more information visit


Book Your Fantasy Draft Party!

It’s almost football season again. Book your fantasy draft party at Hooters!

That means it’s time to book your Fantasy Draft Party at Hooters!  Secure your date and time now at and receive all kinds of sweet fantasy draft gear. Take advantage of season-long discounts, receive a FREE ESPN fantasy draft kit (while supplies last), and keep your roster updated using Hooters FREE WiFi. Watch the preseason games on our big HDTVs, share ice cold pitchers of beer with your buddies, and of course, stuff your face with our classic Hot Wings!

Free Fantasy Draft Kits and more

It’s easy… pick your location, date, and time and your reservation is complete!  We will save you a table and do all the rest.  Bring your league, order up some starters, wings and beer, and secure your all-star Fantasy team!

Watch Big. Win Big. Wing Big.

Made plans for the Big Game? Watch it any Hooters on Sunday, February 3rd and have a chance to win Hooters Wings for a whole year! Yep, the World Famous Wings you know and love can be all yours, for free, for all of 2013. That’s one serious touchdown!

Already made a game plan?  Want to be the party MVP? Make the meal a no brainer and order your wings to go!  Pick your location here and give them a ring to place your order.  Now that’s a game winning play!