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Wings for the Kids

Eat Wings for the Kids Every Tuesday in February at Chicagoland Hooters!

Eat Wings Every TuesdayEvery Tuesday during the month of February, Hooters will donate 1/3 of the proceeds from the sale of our Nearly World Famous Chicken Wings to Holy Family Lutheran School.

Eat Wings for the Kids every Tuesday at a Chicago area Hooters* and earn “extra credit” for doing your part to ensure a quality education for all of our children.

Holy Family Lutheran School (HFLS) was founded 25 years ago to provide the opportunity for minority kids in Chicago’s low-income neighborhoods to get a first-class education.

At-risk children need a strong academic foundation, and more. Holy Family provides more by focusing on the academic, social, emotional, and spiritual development of students.

Visit for more information.

*Only available at Chicagoland Hooters locations operated by Hooters, Inc.